I first met Olivia at DSM Hack in 2016 when her not for profit company, Yoga for First Responders was one of the participants that year. I was on another team during that year but had finished up my work and had some time to spare...surprisingly. Considering DSM Hack is a charity hackathon that helps local nonprofits with IT/ Web solutions in a 48 hour time period. One of their team members reached out to me to see if I could make her a new logo. Her past logo was hard to read and had some aesthetics issues. After talking to him and Olivia I was off to work on her logo. I had approximately 5 hours to do it. The results are what you see below. 



Like I said, I didn't have much time to work on this but given the short time span, I was pleased with how it came out. When I talked to Olivia she explained to me what she liked about the current logo they had. She loved the idea of having the policeman shield, the firefighter cross and the Hindu symbol for yoga all incorporated into the logo. After doing some research and reviewing their old logo, I came up with a way to include all of them into a logo that was modern, sleek and easy to read. I choose to do big, bold type as her main audience are very masculine men. The color scheme I kept the same as it made sense for the brand considering firefighters use red and police use blue. Overall, the logo was well recieved and has done very well for her brand. I still do work for her from time to time and love supporting her cause. To learn more you can visit her website at http://yogaforfirstresponders.org/



Client: Olivia Kvinte

Designer: Me (Stephanie Wharton)