Here is a collection of logo designs I have done over the years. You will see some of my freelance logos, mock company logos and logos I have done in the past for companies I use to work for.



My process for making a logo is to talk to the owner of the company to get a better understanding of their business and mission. What I learn from that discussion I then take to pen and pad of paper. I make a few rough sketches to present to the client. From their I have them pick about 3 rough sketches they like the direction of and start to develop them on the computer in illustrator. Once I get those mocked up, I send it back over to the client for another review. This is when I have them pick a final logo they would like to see some more iterations on. Once I get those iterations done and have them choose the one they like. I then develop color scheme options based on what I know about the company/ business. I usually give a few options here, then send this back over for review one last time. Once they pick their final logo I then start to develop different sizes and file types to send to them. At this point, I sometimes develop branding guidelines and other marketing material they may also need.