Living History Farms is an interactive outdoor history museum that has been in operation for 45 years. Their mission is to educate people of Iowa about rural midwest traditions of the past.



I was tasked with redesign Living History Farms website. The old website had a lot of functionality problems with getting payments and events upload, along with looking outdated. The old website certainly did not represent their brand and mission to educate the area on farming through the years. Iowa is rich with farm history and Living History Farms was born to show the history of farming in our great state. After getting a tour and listening to their struggles and mission for the farms. I came up with an idea to make the website as fun and inviting as possible to show that education on farming can be fun. Their audience is a wide range but kids and families are what they focus on the most. So having a fun color scheme that showcased the events that parents and kids could partake in was very important to them. Adding imagery and videos also helps to draw attention to the farms and what they have to offer. Being a tourist destination in Des Moines it was important to get all their information out there with well laid out pages. Education was also important to them as teachers use them for lessons and day trips. Knowing this we decided to come up with a mini-site to complement the overall website that would meet this demand on educating our youth. This site was very much focused on drawing in the kids' interest so I made a site that was heavily focused on illustrations and fun graphics for them to engage with. With these two new sites, Living History Farms is now able to help with their demand for educating families and kids with a well-organized site with easier payment transactions for them and their audience. 




Project Manager: Hanna Eischeid

Developer: Niren Shrestha

Website Design: Me (Stephanie Wharton)

Content Manager/ SEO: Caroline Lynch