Kelderman Manufacturing is a family owned business based out of Oskaloosa, Iowa. They have been in business for 45 years. First starting off with manufacturing products for the agricultural business then later manufacturing air suspensions for trucks, trailers, and RVs. 



I was tasked with helping them improve the overall look and functionality of their website. Their old website was slow and didn't show off the great work and photography they had of their projects and work. They also didn't have a working online store to sell their air suspensions so we were tasked with making an e-commerce site that would integrate into their overall showcase site. My idea was to have a site that would really focus on how their products were made and to focus on the high-quality photos they had. This was done by having a video showcased on the homepage. This video would include their warehouse, workers, and how the products were made. To stay with the style of photography and brand I went with a darker more dramatic color scheme. This also allowed for the photos to integrate nicely into the website. They also wanted to showcase that they were U.S.A. made and from Iowa so I made sure to add a graphic on the homepage to show this. 



Project Manager: Celeste Gomez

Developer: Riley Hawbaker

Website Design: Me (Stephanie Wharton)

Content Manager/ SEO: Caroline Lynch