DSM Hack is a not-for-profit organization that holds a yearly 48-hour hackathon in Des Moines, Iowa along with workshops to help local non-profit organizations with their technology needs. Their yearly hackathon pairs up local tech people with 10 different non-profits to help build them some sort of technology within a 48-hour time span. At the end of the event, those non-profits will receive some sort of technology for free that will help elevate their mission and impact on our community in Central Iowa. 



In the true spirit of DSM Hack, I was invited to take part in redoing their old website in one single weekend (48 hours). The DSM Hack only asked a few of the people who have been part of their hackathon before and are champions for their mission. The challenge was to get something completed in a weekend that would represent them and their mission.  



Project Manager: Lynn Woody

Developers: Ethan Clevenger, Chuck Rolek, Darin Webb, Eric Ponto, Zach VanMeter

Website Designer: Me (Stephanie Wharton)

Content Manager/ SEO: DSM Hack Team