Capital Crossroads is a business focused on improving the Central Iowa area through visionary plans. These plans started back in 1990 and have developed since then. In 2017 they introduced their newest visionary plan for the area called Capital Crossroads 2.0. This plan is meant to improve the area through combining successful strategies of the past with new strategies of the future. These strategies are focused into 10 areas of focus. These areas are Capital Core, Business, Cultivation Corridor, Cultural, Wellness, Human, Social, Governance, Wellness, & Natural. 



I was tasked with helping them improve the overall look of their website to better represent what they do for the community. The two issues they had with their old site was it was dark and not as lively and vibrant as the felt the area was. It was also hard for the viewers to know what they did as a business. Hearing these two issues my team focused on working with them to get the content where it needed to be so the viewers knew who they were and what they did. As the designer, I focused on getting images that showcased the area's vibrancy, bring more color to the site through using the brand they already had developed. This included adding icons, infographics, and photographs. 



Project Manager: Hanna Eischeid

Developer: Nick Hoobin

Website Design: Me (Stephanie Wharton)

Content Manager/ SEO: Caroline Lynch